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Psychotherapy with Deaf Clients
from Diverse Groups
Second Edition Completely Revised and Updated

Irene W. Leigh, Editor

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Part One/Overview

1    Psychotherapy with Deaf People: The Ethical Dimension
      Irene W. Leigh and Virginia Gutman

2    The Diversity of Consumer Knowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs,
      and Experiences
      Annie G. Steinberg, Ruth C. Loew, and Vicki Joy Sullivan

3    Deaf Therapists and the Deaf Community: Issues to Consider
      Irene W. Leigh and Jeffrey W. Lewis

Part Two/Diverse Communities

4    The Evolution of Psychotherapy for Deaf Women
      Tovah M. Wax

5    Therapy Issues with Lesbians, Gay Men, Bisexuals and
      Transgender Individuals Who are Deaf
      Virginia Gutman and Thomas Zangas

6    Hearing Children of Deaf Parents: Issues and Interventions
      within a Bicultural Context
      Shirley Shultz Myers, Alan L. Marcus, and Randall R. Myers

7    Psychotherapy for People with Usher Syndrome
      Karen Bailey and Ilene D. Miner

      Part Three/The Ethnic Dimension

8    Mental Health Issues for African American Deaf People
      Carolyn A. Corbett

9    Culturally Responsive Psychotherapy with Deaf
      American Indians
      Nancy Eldredge

10  Asian American and Deaf
      Cheryl L. Wu and Nancy C. Grant

11  Counseling Issues for Latino Deaf Individuals
      and Their Families
      Leonardo Hidalgo and Susan Williams

Part Four/Special Issues

12  Deaf College Students
      Aimee K. Whyte and Kendra Smith

13  Psychotherapy and Deaf Elderly Clients
      David Feldman

14  Therapeutic Issues with Recipients of Cochlear Implants
      Dale V. Atkins

15  Deaf Survivors of Sexual Assault
      Sheli Barber, Dov Wills, and Marilyn J. Smith

16  Chemical Dependency: An Application of a Treatment
      Model for Deaf People
      Debra Guthmann, Katherine Sandberg, and Janet Dickinson

17  Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Deaf Clients: Cultural
      and Linguistic Modifications for Outpatient Mental
      Health Settings
      Amanda O’Hearn, Robert Pollard, and Sharon Haynes



Irene W. Leigh is Professor Emerita, Psychology, Gallaudet University, Washington, DC.

ISBN 978-1-56368-447-0, 7 x 10 paperback, 424 pages, 7 tables, 9 figures


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