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Sweet Bells Jangled

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And it is well that had wit
     To counsel silence and delay ;
And he has owned that I was right,
     And things have proved it so to-day.

It is his father’s wish that he
     Should spend abroad at least a year,
Before he settles gravely down
     Into a well-worn office-chair.

His cousin― he is Clarence too―
     (I always quiver at the name ;
And never can remember that
     so many others have the same!)―

His cousin makes the tour with him ;
     But then he says that we shall go
When we are married ; then he kissed
     Away the sudden overflow

Of rebel tears that would not wait
     Till I should find myself alone ;
I thinking that he would be gone
     Till next year’s clematis was blown!

I know that all his friends would think
     He would be wiser to go free ;
And if they thing were known, he says
     ‘T would make a tedious time for me.

He will not have me set apart
     Like pictures placarded as “Sold” ;
He is not jealous of the state
     My unclaimed maidenhood can hold.

And guessing some of her designs,
     I sadly fear my mother’s frown,
Since Robert Graeme has fancied me,―
     For he’s the richest man in town.

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