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Sweet Bells Jangled

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Trouble on trouble ! When he went away
It seemed as if my darkest hours began.
My life since then has been much like a day
Bright at the dawning,― very early clouded,―
I sometimes think the clouds will never lift !
First : failed and we lost all we had :
And he was old and could not stand the blow,
And never tried to lift his head again
After our home was sold and we came here/
I never wore a black dress in my life
Till I got this one, and it seems so strange
That it reminds me every day of father !
I have no time to think about myself
Except of nights ; and then I cannot sleep
Because of all my sore perplexity.
I must do all I can for mother now ;
She can do nothing for herself at all ;
But sits and rocks and moans and sighs all day,
Or holds my little sister in her arms.
And I am glad that I must think for them :
For had I time to sit with folded hands,
I think I should go crazy with the strain
Of all this waiting !


How long is it since any letter came ?
Now that I think, ‘t is full three months to-day.
I cannot hear a word of him by chance,
His father’s house is closed,― they are away.

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