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Signs of the Times, Second Edition
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In order for students to choose the correct conceptual signs for the ASL sentences written in this text, the sentences use a gloss (the English equivalent of a sign) that does not have multiple meanings and that conveys the intended message. The following signs can be glossed as leave, but the glosses below the signs make their meaning clear.






When a word like match (used to set fire to something) has no other synonym to convey the desired concept without using another multiple meaning word (e.g., light), then the two words are linked together with a hyphen to illustrate the desired concept. Therefore, match-light represents one sign rather than two signs.

Agent Marker

The agent marker is added to a number of verbs to signify a person who performs the action of a verb (for example, teacher, artist, musician). Coincidentally, it is also the sign for person. This sign is often referred to as the -er sign, although it can also mean -ent, -or, -ist, or -an.







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