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Whispers of a Savage Sort: And Other Plays about the Deaf American Experience

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[Lights open on where OTHERS are playing Cops and Robbers outside on the playground. MICHAEL skirts around the action, looking for a natural break into their game. Finally BRUNO shoots PHIL, and PHIL falls to the ground.

Lights change to a sleazy alleyway: OTHERS, including FIDO, are shooting at each other big-time, and finally the shootout stops when SNOOTY lifts his lapels and strides forward. With his eyes alert, SNOOTY is poised with his gun. Suddenly a gun goes off: SNOOTY catches the bullet in his fist as it whizzes past, and inspects it.]

SNOOTY: Cheap. Hah!

[SNOOTY is about to continue when he notices something in the distance. He then approaches the imaginary dead body.]

SNOOTY: Poppa? (Glances around.) Poppa . . . ?

[SNOOTY turns around with great suspicion just as lights change back to the playground. MICHAEL approaches BRUNO and OTHERS as PHIL gets up. BRUNO pushes MICHAEL aside.]

BRUNO: (To PHIL.) That was a good dead. Címon, letís do it again.
PHIL: (Rubs his buttocks.) Iím sore all over.
MICHAEL: Unh, can I play a cop?
BRUNO: You? Youíre not tough like a cop.
MICHAEL: I can do it.
ANDREW: We can always shoot him down.
BRUNO: Heís a sissy.
MICHAEL: No, Iím not.
ANDREW: Then why do you carry around books all the time?
BRUNO: He doesnít want to play dirty.

[The morning bell rings. Ms. GRAHAM approaches them.]

GRAHAM: Come on. Itís time for our first class. History.

[OTHERS mope their way into their classroom. MICHAEL lags behind and sits down.]

GRAHAM: Good morning, everyone.
ALL: Good morning, Ms. Graham.
GRAHAM: Thank you. Now, letís have each one of you tell us what you did last weekend. Phil?
PHIL: I watched TV. It was okay.
GRAHAM: Do you remember which show it was?
PHIL: No. But it was closed-captioned.
GRAHAM: Thatís wonderful. Andrew?
ANDREW: My dad and I went out to Big Boyís. They have real good malts.
GRAHAM: Not ďreal good.Ē Really good. (ANDREW nods; smiles.) Elaine?
ELAINE: My sister took me to the zoo. We saw the new baby white bear.
GRAHAM: Did he look like that picture over there?

[OTHERS look up at the imaginary picture.]

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