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Whispers of a Savage Sort: And Other Plays about the Deaf American Experience

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MICHAEL: Hey! Give it back.
BRUNO: You’re too snooty for this class.

[MICHAEL leaps around BRUNO, trying to get back his textbook. Suddenly BRUNO tosses the book to ANDREW. MICHAEL runs to ANDREW, who then tosses the book to PHIL. MICHAEL then chases PHIL around the classroom. ANDREW finds this hilarious. ANDREW laughs at the spectacle of poor little PHIL running up and down. Suddenly, ELAINE wrings the book out of PHIL’s hands.]

PHIL: Hey! That’s mine.
ANDREW: You’re no fun.
ELAINE: (Hands the book to MICHAEL.) It belongs to him.
MICHAEL: Thank you.
BRUNO: (To ELAINE.) You got a problem or what?
ELAINE: We shouldn’t fight all the time—
BRUNO: There goes our Goody Two-Shoes again.
ELAINE: I can be bad if I want to be.

[While ELAINE goes off to her desk, MICHAEL sits down at his desk.]

ANDREW: Oooh. That should be fun.
PHIL: Look at Michael.

[BRUNO struts over to MICHAEL’s desk, and OTHERS except ELAINE converge around him.]

BRUNO: You a coward?
MICHAEL: No. I just think standing around and arguing is a waste of time.
BRUNO: If Elaine’s our Goody Two-Shoes, then maybe you’re our Goody Four-Eyes.
MICHAEL: I don’t wear glasses.
BRUNO: All snooty people do.
MICHAEL: I’m not what you think I am.

[GRAHAM enters the classroom. OTHERS scatter back to their desks.]

GRAHAM: What happened here?


GRAHAM: (To MICHAEL.) Would you feel better if we talked in private? (Beat.) Come on. (Gives OTHERS a look
     of warning.)

[While GRAHAM and MICHAEL talk in the hallway, OTHERS crowd together and press their faces against the door window, “eavesdropping” on GRAHAM and MICHAEL’s conversation.]

GRAHAM: I’m sorry if they’re giving you such a hard time.
MICHAEL: (Quietly.) Well . . .
GRAHAM: I’m really worried about you. You’re in a new town, a new home, a new school, and . . . (Sighs.) I’m still
     sorry about your father. He shouldn’t have gone off like that. He should feel honored to have you as his son.
MICHAEL: It’s all right.
GRAHAM: Are you?
MICHAEL: (Beat.) I wish I could—(Notices BRUNO making faces at him.)

[MICHAEL looks off into the distance as lights and set change to the Tango Club, a notorious gangster hangout. OTHERS sit and hang about; BRUTE comes up to SNOOTY sitting by himself at a table.]

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