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Whispers of a Savage Sort: And Other Plays about the Deaf American Experience

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BRUTE: Hey. Can I talk some business wití you?
SNOOTY: Hah! No. Iím waitiní for my dame.
BRUTE: I just want a vacation. A short one, please.
SNOOTY: I never take time off from beiní Snooty, so should you take time off from beiní Brute?
BRUTE: Hey, whatever you say.

[Just as BRUTE slinks away to his buddies nearby, ALEXIS walks provocatively and gracefully into the bar. SNOOTY, nursing his drink, merely watches the ladiesí restroom.]

BRUTE: Whoo! (Nudges FIDO when ALEXIS passes by.) Lookit her.
FIDO: (Almost pants.) Yeah! Yeah . . .

[OTHERS except ELLIE slowly converge around ALEXIS when she strides to where ARROW is bartending.]

ALEXIS: Iíd like a Pink Lady.
ARROW: You would?
ALEXIS: Iím thirsty.
ARROW: Who said youíre the only one thirsty around here? (Grins as he gestures mixing ALEXISís drink.) There
     you go, maíam.
ALEXIS: Thank you.

[ALEXIS turns her attention to the rest of the bar until she notices SNOOTY. ARROW catches the direction of ALEXISís gaze.]

ARROW: (Reverently.) Thatís Snooty, the baddest guy on the Loop.
ALEXIS: Snooty?
ARROW: (Blocks SNOOTYís view so he canít see what ARROW might say.) Heís the best in Chicago for any dirty
     job you want done . . . (Glances back.) If you got the dough.
ALEXIS: (Glances at OTHERS standing around her.) Then whatís he doing here in a dump like this?

[OTHERS slink away.]

ARROW: Anything wrong with hanginí out?

[ELLIE returns from the bathroom. SNOOTY stands up to greet ELLIE. ALEXIS tries not to reveal interest in SNOOTY.]

ELLIE: Now Iím all powdered for the evening.

[SNOOTY holds ELLIEís chin and then notices past her ALEXIS drinking all by herself.]

SNOOTY: Whoís that?
ELLIE: What? Donít even look at her!
SNOOTY: You ainít my mother.
ELLIE: But weíre engaged!
SNOOTY: Relax. (Keeps staring at ALEXIS.)
ELLIE: Look at me. Arenít you going to follow your promise toó
SNOOTY: I donít wanna be told what to do, okay?
ELLIE: But if youíre going to be my husbandó
SNOOTY: Ellie, what am I gonna do at home if I quit? Sit in my rocking chair all day long? (Scoffs.) Hey, itís the Roariní
ELLIE: Donít you ever love me?
SNOOTY: (Beat.) Sometimes.
ELLIE: I know you better than you think.
SNOOTY: Come off it.
ELLIE: Itís true. Deep down youíre still a boy.
SNOOTY: Iím a man, got it?

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