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Whispers of a Savage Sort: And Other Plays about the Deaf American Experience

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[SNOOTY moves ELLIE aside and approaches ALEXIS.]

SNOOTY: You new in these parts?
ALEXIS: Iím visiting. You run this place?
SNOOTY: Could if I wanted to. (Beat.) Would you like a seat?
ALEXIS: Yes, please.

[SNOOTY snaps his fingers, and both BRUTE and FIDO bring forth chairs for them. ELLIE blocks ALEXIS by sitting down in her chair.]

SNOOTY: Make way for the lady!
ELLIE: Iím not moving. Youíre not keeping your promise.
ALEXIS: Whatís that?
ELLIE: Weíre getting married.
ALEXIS: Oooh. I should really leave.

[ALEXIS is about to saunter off but SNOOTY grabs her elbow.]

SNOOTY: Oh, no. Stay.
ELLIE: Why canít I stay?

SNOOTY: Oh, no. Stay.
ELLIE: Why canít I stay?
SNOOTY: Because you say the same old things.
ELLIE: Sissy things?
SNOOTY: Get out!
ELLIE: Youíre not perfect. (Gets up.) Youíll be sorry.
SNOOTY: Lemme inform you: I donít make promises that easily.
ELLIE: Then keep them.
SNOOTY: Iíll keep them when weíre married.
ELLIE: Oh, sure. Now Iíll never trust you.
SNOOTY: Thought you knew I canít trust anyone, not in my business. (To ALEXIS.) Please.

[ELLIE struts off in a huff. ALEXIS sits down.]

ALEXIS: Well, thank you. Whereíve I seen you before?
SNOOTY: Who cares?

[SNOOTY sits down. ARROW brings him another drink, and SNOOTY nods thanks.]

ALEXIS: Youíre the face everyone knows, but hasnít seen in the papers yet.
SNOOTY: Yeah. You could say that.
ALEXIS: You donít show much, do you?
SNOOTY: The more cards I keep to my chest, the better.
ALEXIS: I see. You in the protection business?
SNOOTY: What are you runniní away from?
ALEXIS: Nothing.
SNOOTY: Then why ask?
ALEXIS: Youíre fascinating.
SNOOTY: I prefer to stay hidden at night. (Stands up and walks to where MICHAEL once stood; ALEXIS follows.)
     Thatís my nature.

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