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Sign Language Acquisition by Deaf and Hearing Children
A Bilingual Introductory Digital Course

Deborah Chen Pichler, Marlon Kuntze, Diane Lillo-Martin, Ronice Müller de Quadros, and Marianne Rossi Stumpf

Fully signed in American Sign Language and packaged on a USB flash drive, this innovative digital text offers an accessible introduction to sign language acquisition and is an excellent resource for language acquisition courses and early intervention training.

The Silent Garden
A Parent’s Guide to Raising a Deaf Child

Third Edition

Paul W. Ogden and
David H. Smith
Foreword by Marlee Matlin

The Silent Garden offers parents of deaf children the support and unbiased information needed to fully realize their children’s potential.

Understanding International Sign
A Sociolinguistic Study

Lori A. Whynot

Lori A. Whynot examines how well expository International Sign is understood by diverse audience members, with crucial implications for its usage, training, and interpretation.

Deaf Epistemologies, Identity, and Learning
A Comparative Perspective

Goedele A. M. De Clerck

Using case studies and cross-cultural comparative research, Goedele A. M. De Clerck examines where deaf flourishing occurs and how it can be advanced.

Sign Language, Sustainable Development, and Equal Opportunities
Envisioning the Future for Deaf Students

Goedele A. M. De Clerck
and Peter V. Paul, Editors

Renowned scholars and policy makers from around the world present innovative perspectives on the new opportunities that exist today for people who are deaf and hard of hearing.

Change and Promise
Bilingual Deaf Education and Deaf Culture in Latin America

Barbara Gerner de Garcia and
Lodenir Becker Karnopp, Editors

Change and Promise offers scholarly research and case studies on the great progress made in deaf education and the empowerment of Deaf communities in Latin America.

And No Birds Sing

Pauline Leader
Mara Mills and Rebecca Sanchez, Editors

Pauline Leader’s memoir captures the raw feelings of isolation she experienced as a poor, deaf, Jewish woman in the early twentieth century.