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Bilingual Deaf and Hearing Families
Narrative Interviews

Barbara Bodner-Johnson and Beth Sonnenstrahl Benedict

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From The Midwest Book Review

Bilingual Deaf and Hearing Families: Narrative Interviews emphasizes the importance of family involvement for deaf children and shows how American Sign Language [ASL] and English interact to influence a child’s development, school support, and family relationships. Here ASL and English are emphasized in relation to a child’s bilingual development within the family structure as a whole, describing the experiences of ten families who have at least one deaf family member. In five of the families the parents are hearing and have a deaf child; in three both parents and children are deaf, and in one the parents are deaf and their child is hearing. Interviews with families focus on a range of considerations from daily life to how they participate in the Deaf community and how they make decisions on the family’s social interactions. Very highly recommended!

Barbara Bodner-Johnson is Professor Emerita of Education, Gallaudet University, Washington DC.

Beth Sonnenstrahl Benedict is Professor, Department of Communication Studies, Gallaudet University, Washington DC.

Print Edition

ISBN 978-1-56368-529-3, 6 x 9 casebound, 256 pages, photographs, index



ISBN 978-1-56368-530-9


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