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Through Deaf Eyes
A Photographic History of an American Community

Douglas C. Baynton, Jack R. Gannon, and Jean Lindquist Bergey

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From Publishers Weekly

An enlightening and engaging collection of photographs and historical accounts is interspersed with personal anecdotes in this companion to a PBS documentary of the same name scheduled to air March 21 [2007]. This is an ideal introduction for anyone who has ever puzzled over the difference between deaf and Deaf (the latter refers to deaf culture). How a physical disability leads to a culture is a fascinating process, one the writers reveal by exploring the history of deaf education, the development of a Deaf community, the contentious debate that arose in the l9th century between oralists (who favored the use of lipreading and speech) and those who supported sign language, and the battle to convince the hearing world that an inability to hear was not tantamount to an inability to think and learn. Given these elements, the development of Deaf culture was inevitable. Even today, when technological advances have made it possible for the deaf and hearing communities to communicate more easily, there are still deaf people who prefer to remain within their world. Whether you agree or disagree with that philosophy, there’s no question this book provides a context to better understand it.

Douglas C. Baynton is Associate Professor, American Cultural History, History of Disabilities, and the American Sign Language Program, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA.

Jack R. Gannon is former Special Assistant for Advocacy to the president of Gallaudet University and is the curator of the History Through Deaf Eyes exhibition.

Jean Lindquist Bergey is the Outreach Liaison and History Through Deaf Eyes Director, College of Professional Studies and Outreach, Gallaudet University, Washington, DC.

ISBN 978-1-56368-347-3, 8½ x 11 hardcover, 200 pages, photographs, references, index


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