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Sign Language Studies

American Annals of the Deaf

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by Gallaudet University Press

Bilingualism in Education

Inger Ahlgren and Kenneth Hyltenstam, Editors

Classifiers in Venezuelan Sign Language

Alejandro Oviedo

Cross-Linguistic Perspectives in Sign Language Research
Select Papers from TISLR 2000

A. Baker, B. Van den Bogaerde, and O. Crasborn, Editors

The Development of Deaf Children
Academic Achievement Levels and Social Processes

Kerstin Heiling

The Hands are the Head of the Mouth
The Mouth as Articulator in Sign Languages

Penny Boyes Braem and Rachel Sutton-Spence, Editors

International Bibliography of Sign Lanugage

Guido H.G. Joachim and Siegmund Prillwitz, Editors

Looking Back
A Reader on the History of Deaf Communities and Their Sign Languages

Renate Fischer and Harlan Lane, Editors

Maganar hannu (Language of the Hands)
A Descriptive Analysis of Hausa Sign Language

Constanze Schmaling

Progress in Sign Language Research
In Honor of Siegmund Prillwitz

Rolf Schulmeister and Heimo Reinitzer, Editors

Sign Language Research 1994

Heleen Bos and Trude Schermer, Editors

Sign Language Research and Application

Siegmund Prillwitz and Tomas Vollhaber, Editors

Space in Danish Sign Language
The Semantics and Morphosyntax of the Use of Space in a Visual Language

Elisabeth Engberg-Pedersen

Tactile Sign Language
Turn taking and Questions in Signed Conversations of Deaf-Blind People

Johanna Mesch