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Parties interested in submitting a manuscript to Gallaudet University Press must print, complete, and include the following two forms with their submission:

Manuscript Submission Form

Author Information Form


Gallaudet University, founded in 1864, is a multipurpose institution dedicated to meeting the educational needs of deaf people. Through the years, Gallaudet University has responded to emerging trends and issues related to deaf and hard of hearing people and the field of deafness. The University’s mission includes public outreach and advocacy, and it serves as an international resource for information about deafness and hearing loss.

Gallaudet University Press was established in 1980 to respond to the need for worthy publications that make a significant contribution to the literature on deafness. The Press publishes scholarly manuscripts that deal with the many facets of the field of deafness, including culture, history, sociology, education, psychology, disability studies, sign language, linguistics, and research; biography by and about deaf adults; and works by deaf authors. Manuscripts accepted by the Press are published under one of two imprints: Gallaudet University Press (for scholarly, informational, and general interest books) and Clerc Books (for textbooks).

Scholarly and textbook manuscripts and proposals are subject to review by an editorial board that represents a broad spectrum of expertise on deaf people and deafness. The editorial board meets during the academic year to review publication proposals and manuscripts. Peer reviews of submissions are secured to assist the editorial board members in their deliberations.

Submissions should take the form of a book prospectus, including an outline and chapter descriptions with one or two sample chapters, or a completed manuscript. All documents should be typed double-spaced with one-inch margins on all sides. References should adhere to the guidelines in the Chicago Manual of Style (chapter 15 for humanities or chapter 16 for scientific/research texts). The Press also accepts references that follow APA style. The prospectus should clearly state the significance of the proposed book, including its contribution to the field and its audiences. A Manuscript Submission form may be obtained from the Press to be sent with the submission. Submit manuscripts, book prospectuses, and inquiries to:

Ivey Pittle Wallace
Assistant Director, Editorial
Gallaudet University Press
800 Florida Avenue, NE
Washington, DC 20002