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My First Sign Book of Sign

Pamela J. Baker
Illustrated by Patricia Bellan Gillen

  $9.95 e-book

A Literary Guild Children’s Book Club Selection

“Arranged alphabetically and looking like an ABC book, this is both appealing and useful. Printed on glossy paper in a large format, this book is a good addition to sign language collections for children.”

School Library Journal

My First Book of Sign, a full-color alphabet book, gives the signs for 150 of the words most frequently used by young children. The vocabulary comes from recognized word list sources such as the Dale List of 769 Easy Words. The proportion of word category choices (nouns, modifiers, and verbs) is based on early language acquisition research.

       Readers do not have to know American Sign Language to enjoy My First Book of Sign; the book provides explanations of how to form each sign. This is a very special alphabet book appropriate for all children who are just beginning to read.

Pamela J. Baker is the Helen A. Paioanou professor of Biological Science at Bates College.

ISBN 978-1-56368-315-2, 80 pages

$9.95 e-book