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A Season of Change

Lois L. Hodge


A Season of Change provides valuable lessons about hearing impairment as well as an engrossing plot.”

The Midwest Book Review

Okay, so she can’t hear as well as other people, but do they actually believe that means she can’t think as well?

       Everyone, it seems, in 13-going-on-14-year-old Biney Richmond’s life treats her as though she should be wrapped in cotton and set on a shelf. Her mom and dad act as though she can’t do things for herself. The only one who seems to have any confidence in her is her best friend Pat.

       When Pat’s older brother, Gene — who secretly wants to date Biney — gets in trouble, Biney proves to everyone, including herself, how grown up she is, in A Season of Change.

Lois L. Hodge lives in Fredericksburg, VA, where she was the organizer and first president of the Self Help for the Hard of Hearing (SHHH) group in that area.

ISBN 978-0-930323-27-1, 4¼ x 7 paperback, 108 pages


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