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At Home Among Strangers
Exploring the Deaf Community in the United States

Jerome D. Schein

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  $39.00 (t) paperback, ebook

“A good overview of the Deaf experience and a timely acquisition for libraries.”


“Authoritative, full of warmth and highly readable.”

—Oliver Sacks, M.D., author, Seeing Voices

“Schein ably demonstrates both the frustrations of deafness in a hearing world and the comfort, warmth and sense of identity the deaf find among each other. This volume should expand scholars’ understanding of deaf people and their interactions with hearing communities.”

Contemporary Psychology

At Home Among Strangers presents an engrossing portrait of the Deafcommunity as a complex, nationwide social network that offers unique kinship to deaf people across the country. Schein depicts in striking detail the history and culture of the Deaf community, its structural underpinnings, the intricacies of family life, issues of education and rehabilitation, economic factors, and interaction with the medical and legal professions. This book is a fascinating, provocative exploration of the Deaf community in the United States for scholars and lay people alike.

Jerome D. Schein was Professor Emeritus of Sensory Rehabilitation at New York University and an adjunct professor of education at the University of Alberta in Canada.

ISBN 978-1-56368-141-7
264 pages. 6 x 9. endnotes, bibliography, index.
$39.00 (t)

ISBN 978-1-56368-164-6