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The Other Side of Silence
Sign Language and the Deaf Community in America

Arden Neisser


“A forceful, ardent portrayal of the deaf.”

Kirkus Reviews

“An outstanding choice for public and academic libraries.”

Library Journal

Arden Neisser’s classic book on American Sign Language (ASL) and the Deaf community is again available, with a new prologue. The Other Side of Silence explores the Deaf community through telling interviews and research from across the country.

       In widely varying encounters, Neisser heard Deaf individuals recall how their teachers suppressed ASL, how linguists foster conflicting theories, and how various institutions of the deaf dilute ASL to suit hearing patrons. This seminal book reveals the warmth, creativity, and resilience of Deaf people, and offers an update of the community today.

Arden Neisser was a professional writer of nonfiction and fiction in Trumansburg, NY.

ISBN 978-0-930323-64-6, 6 x 9 paperback, 318 pages


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