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Missing Words
The Family Handbook on Adult Hearing Loss

Kay Thomsett and
Eve Nickerson

Featuring complete medical information
by Donald H. Holden, M.D.


“Recommended for all popular medical collections.”

Library Journal

“Uplifting! Hardly a family exists, in today’s noise-polluted world, that shouldn’t read it.”


“A virtual roadmap about the ins and outs of living with hearing loss (for both the person with loss and the family).”

Modern Maturity

Written by Eve Nickerson, who is deaf, and her daughter Kay Thomsett, Missing Words lays out the practical steps families can take to adjust to a loved one’s hearing loss. This excellent guidebook shows how the exchange of information can be altered at fundamental levels, what these alterations entail, and how they can affect one’s ability to understand and interpret spoken communication. Along with the hands-on tips provided throughout, this handbook considers the potential of cochlear implants, described both by audiologist Holden and by Nickerson, who underwent implant surgery in 1985. For all families coping with a loved one’s hearing loss, Missing Words is the outstanding single resource upon which they can rely.

Kay Thomsett lives in Weaverville, NC.

Eve Nickerson, a retired eighth-grade teacher, lives in Portland, OR.

ISBN 978-1-56368-023-6, 6 x 9, hardcover 304 pages, resource lists, index


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