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Parallel Views
Education and Access for Deaf People in France and the United States

The French-American Foundation
Introduction by Harlan Lane


Parallel Views provides scholars and others involved in Deaf issues a unique opportunity to examine two societies and their respective relations with their deaf citizens. In his introduction, Harlan Lane proposes that French and United States’ concepts of deafness reflect fundamental differences in that French society considers deaf people as a disability group, while the tendency in the United States is to acknowledge the existence of Deaf culture. This insightful work explores the implications of these differences in detail, relying upon the excellent scholarship presented at the 1991 conference in Paris “The Deaf in Society: Education and Access.”

       Organized into seven distinct parts, Parallel Views features such notable contributors as Carol Padden, Roslyn Rosen, and Robert R. Davila from the United States, and Michel Exertier, Christiane Fournier, and Guy Bouchaveau from France. This current and most useful exchange of scholarship should be in the library of everyone involved in Deaf studies or the Deaf community.

The French-American Foundation, dedicated to promoting economic, political, and cultural ties between France and the United States, including programs to find innovative solutions to shared problems, is located in New York, NY.

ISBN 978-1-56368-030-4, 6 x 9 casebound, 272 pages, references, index


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