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Deaf Peddler
Confessions of an Inside Man

Dennis S. Buck

September 2000

Table of contents
Reviews: Booklist, The Chronicle of Higher Education
  $21.00 (t) paperback, ebook

From Booklist

The thought of an educated deaf individual becoming a peddler has always been a sad image in the minds of educators and informed members of the deaf community. Buck, deaf from birth and wheelchair bound since college, tells about his life, not necessarily in chronological order but in the context of the history of the deaf peddler. His courage during physical rehabilitation from a motorcycle accident matches his gutsy approach to learning how to peddle and how to handle competition in airports. Moreover, Buck’s ideas about designing deaf communication brochures and about working airport locations are quite creative. Because peddling was more lucrative than his paying jobs and because he needed extra cash while going to graduate school, Buck continued this practice until he decided that his self-esteem was more important than money. His final line on the financing of his book tells it all: “Money given under the false notion that deaf people can’t, financed a book telling everyone yes, they can.”

Nancy McCray

Dennis S. Buck is a computer programmer in Longwood, FL.

ISBN 978-1-56368-096-0
136 pages. 5½ x 8½. illustrations, bibliography.
$21.00 (t)

ISBN 978-1-56368-215-5