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Volume Thirteen: Issue One

Fall 2012

Fortieth Anniversary Edition!

The Birth and Rebirth of Sign Language Studies
David F. Armstrong

Where Sign Language Studies Has Led Us in 40 Years: Opening High School and University Education for Deaf People in Viet Nam through Sign Language Analysis, Teaching, and Interpretation

James Woodward and Nguyen Thi Hoa

Bringing the Field into the Classroom: A Field Methods Course on Saudi Arabian Sign Language

Anika Stephen and Gaurav Mathur

On Selected Phonological Patterns in Saudi Arabian Sign Language

Nozomi Tomita and Viola Kozak

Selected Lexical Patterns in Saudi Arabian Sign Language

Lesa Young, Jeffrey Levi Palmer and Wanette Reynolds

On Selected Morphemes in Saudi Arabian Sign Language

Carla Morris and Erin Schneider

Observations on Word Order in Saudi Arabian Sign Language

Kristen Sprenger and Gaurav Mathur

Review of Sign Languages, Diane Brentari, Editor
Cambridge University Press, 2010

Miako Rankin