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Volume Three: Issue Four

Special Issue on Dictionaries and Lexicography, Part II

The Development of National Sign Language Dictionaries


David F. Armstrong

The Multimedia Dictionary of American Sign Language: Learning Lessons about Language, Technology, and Business
Sherman Wilcox

Brazilian Sign Language Lexicography and Technology: Dictionary, Digital Encyclopedia, Chereme-Based Sign-Retrieval and Quadriplegic Deaf Communication Systems

Fernando C. Capovilla, Marcelo Duduchi, Walkiria D. Raphael, Renato D. Luz, Daniela Rozados, Alessandra G. S. Capovilla, and Elizeu C. Macedo

Language Standardization and Signed Language Dictionaries

Trevor Johnston

From Variant to Standard: An Overview of the Standardization Process of the Lexicon of Sign Language of the Netherlands over Two Decades
Trude Schermer

Lexicography and the University: Making the Gallaudet Dictionary of American Sign Language
John Vickrey Van Cleve