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More Than Meets the Eye
Revealing the Complexities of an Interpreted Education

Melissa B. Smith

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December 2013

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Studies in Interpretation, Volume 10

Sign language interpreters often offer the primary avenue of access for deaf and hard of hearing students in public schools. More than 80% of all deaf children today are mainstreamed, and few of their teachers sign well enough to provide them with full access. As a result, many K-12 interpreters perform multiple roles beyond interpreting. Yet, very little is known about what they actually do and what factors inform their moment-to-moment decisions. This volume presents the range of activities and responsibilities performed by educational interpreters, and illuminates what they consider when making decisions.

       To learn about the roles of K-12 interpreters, author Melissa B. Smith conducted in-depth analyses at three different schools. She learned that in response to what interpreters feel that their deaf students need, many focus on three key areas: 1) visual access, 2) language and learning, and 3) social and academic participation/inclusion. To best serve their deaf students in these contexts, they perform five critical functions: they assess and respond to the needs and abilities of deaf students; they interpret with or without modification as they deem appropriate; they capitalize on available resources; they rely on interactions with teachers and students to inform their choices; and they take on additional responsibilities as the need arises.

Melissa B. Smith is a professor in the American Sign Language/English Interpreter Training Program at Palomar College.

Print Edition: ISBN 978-1-56368-476-0, ISSN 1545-7613, 6 x 9 paperback, 214 pages, 10 tables, 17 figures


E-Book: ISBN 978-1-56368-580-4


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