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The Silent Garden
A Parent’s Guide to Raising a Deaf Child

Third Edition

Paul W. Ogden and David H. Smith
Foreword by Marlee Matlin

November 2016

Table of contents
Review: Library Journal (starred)
Parent and Educator Testimonials
  $34.95 (t) paperback, ebook
$24.95 audiobook

The Silent Garden is Now Available in Spanish!

“Parents and caregivers seeking honest, straightforward, and useful guidance on raising a deaf child have long relied upon Paul W. Ogden and David H. Smith’s supportive and insightful text. It has now been reissued in a third revised edition and is an essential purchase for all public libraries. Addressing central questions of communication, personhood, family dynamics, school, and self-care, this book should be part of any core collection on the subject.”

—“Outstanding” Rated Title, University Press Books for Public and Secondary School Libraries, 2017

“I will share this meaningful book with new parents knowing that this is a publication that speaks to their hearts and souls in a powerful and truthful manner.”

—Gerard Buckley, President, National Technical Institute for the Deaf

“Families will gain a wealth of knowledge as well as the assurance that they are not alone.”

—Lisalee D. Egbert, Vice President, American Society for Deaf Children

The Silent Garden is a comprehensive, uplifting plan to deal with understanding the challenges of communication. It is also a major resource for those involved in the education of deaf students.”

—Glenda Lane, Parent

For over 30 years, The Silent Garden has offered parents of deaf children the support and unbiased information needed to fully realize their children’s potential. This completely revised third edition is a must-have resource that will help parents navigate the complex and unique challenges they face. Accessible, practical, and, above all, open-minded, The Silent Garden educates parents quickly and thoroughly about the many conflicting points of view on what is best for their deaf children.

       Authors Paul W. Ogden and David H. Smith, who are both deaf, present examples and research that guide parents through often unfamiliar territory. From coping mechanisms for parents to advice on creating healthy home environments, the authors cover a range of topics that impact day-to-day actions and decision-making. The topic of communication is discussed extensively as communication access and language development are crucial not only for intellectual growth, but also for positive family and social relationships. The authors look at American Sign Language, listening and spoken language, written English, and various other modes of communication available to deaf children. Different educational options are presented, and technology—including the debate about cochlear implants—is reviewed. Deaf children with special needs are considered here as well. Each topic is accompanied by real-life stories that offer further insight.

       Always encouraging, The Silent Garden empowers parents to be the best advocates for their deaf children. Throughout, the authors emphasize that each choice is highly personal, and they stress that all deaf children have the potential to lead rich, productive, and exciting lives.

Paul W. Ogden is Professor Emeritus of Deaf Studies at California State University, Fresno.

David H. Smith is an associate professor and director of the Center on Deafness at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

ISBN 978-1-56368-676-4
376 pages. 6 x 9. 5 figures, 2 tables.
$34.95 (t)

ISBN 978-1-56368-677-1

ISBN 978-1-944838-32-4
total run time: 11:36:51