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New and Recently Released Titles

Miriam Hearing Sister
A Memoir

Miriam Zadek
Foreword by Philip W. Bravin

$29.95 paperback, ebook

September 2022

Signed Language Interpreting Pedagogy
Insights and Innovations from the Conference of Interpreter Trainers

Laurie Swabey and
Rachel E. Herring, Editors

$105.00 hardcover, ebook

September 2022

A Quiet Foghorn
More Notes from a Deaf Gay Life

Raymond Luczak

$23.95 paperback, ebook

October 2022

Country of Glass

Sarah Katz

$18.95 paperback, ebook

May 2022

Signed Language Corpora

Jordan Fenlon and
Julie A. Hochgesang, Editors

Foreword by Trevor Johnston

$80.00 hardcover, ebook

June 2022

Legal Interpreting
Teaching, Research, and Practice

Jeremy L. Brunson, Editor

$34.95 paperback, ebook

May 2022

Interpreter Education, Volume 12

Turn on the Words!
Deaf Audiences, Captions, and the Long Struggle for Access

Harry G. Lang

Foreword by Ernest E. Hairston
Afterword by Jason Stark

$34.95 paperback, ebook

December 2021

Above the Birch Line

Pia Taavila-Borsheim

$19.95 paperback, ebook

September 2021

Advances in Educational Interpreting

Elizabeth A. Winston and
Stephen B. Fitzmaurice, Editors

$80.00 hardcover, ebook

December 2021

The Role of the Educational Interpreter
Perceptions of Administrators and Teachers

Stephen B. Fitzmaurice

$60.00 hardcover, ebook

November 2021

Interpreter Education, Volume 11

A Key to the World

Victor Abbou

Translated by Bill Moody
Preface by Emmanuelle Laborit
Preface by Christian Cuxac

$34.95 paperback, ebook

August 2021

Published by Eyes Éditions. Available in the US and Canada from Gallaudet University Press.
Includes links to two hours of video in International Sign.

Guidelines for Multilingual Deaf Education Teacher Preparation Programs

Christopher Kurz, Debbie Golos, Marlon Kuntze, Jonathan Henner, and Jessica Scott

$9.95 paperback, ebook
Read on Manifold for free!

August 2021

New Series
Multilingual Deaf Education: Teacher Training, Research, and Pedagogy, Volume 1