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Sign Language Studies

American Annals of the Deaf

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Deaf Lives Series
Kristen C. Harmon, Series Editor

Get Your Elbow Off the Horn
Stories through the Years

Jack R. Gannon

Volume 10

Deaf in DC
A Memoir

Madan Vasishta

Volume 9

Deaf Lives in Contrast
Two Women’s Stories

Mary V. Rivers and
Dvora Shurman

Volume 8

Day by Day
The Chronicles of a Hard of Hearing Reporter

Elizabeth Thompson

Volume 7

Teaching from the Heart and Soul
The Robert F. Panara Story

Harry G. Lang

Volume 6

A Young Australian’s Experience with Deafness

Paul Jacobs

Volume 5

Deaf in Delhi
A Memoir

Madan Vasishta

Volume 4

Deaf Women’s Lives
Three Self-Portraits

Bainy Cyrus, Eileen Katz and
Celeste Cheyney, and Frances M. Parsons

Volume 3

Deaf Hearing Boy
A Memoir

R. H. Miller

Volume 2

Alone in the Mainstream
A Deaf Woman Remembers Public School

Gina A. Oliva

Volume 1