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Cochlear Implants
Evolving Perspectives

Raylene Paludneviciene
and Irene W. Leigh, Editors

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       Irene W. Leigh and Raylene Paludneviciene

Part I: The Deaf Community and Cochlear Implants

1.   Impact of Cochlear Implants on the Deaf Community
      Raylene Paludneviciene and Raychelle L. Harris

2.   Genetic Research, Bioethical Issues, and Cochlear Implants:
      An Overview of the Issues Affecting the Deaf Community
      Jane Dillehay

3.   Cochlear Implants and Deaf Community Perceptions
      John B. Christiansen and Irene W. Leigh

4.   How Deaf Adult Signers Experience Implants: Some
      Preliminary Conclusions
      Khadijat Rashid, Poorna Kushalnagar, and Raja Kushalnagar

5.   My Child Can Have More Choices: Reflections of Deaf
      Mothers on Cochlear Implants for Their Children
      Julie Cantrell Mitchiner and Marilyn Sass-Lehrer

6.   Cochlear Implants: Implications for Deaf Identities
      Irene W. Leigh and Deborah Maxwell-McCaw

Part II: Language and Auditory Processing

7.   Bimodal Processing of Language for Cochlear Implant Users
      Donna A. Morere

8.   Listening Strategies to Facilitate Spoken Language Learning
      Among Signing Children With Cochlear Implants
      Ellen A. Rhoades

Part III: Educational Approaches

9.   The Cochlear Implant Education Center: Perspectives
      on Effective Educational Practices
      Debra Berlin Nussbaum and Susanne M. Scott

10. Educating Children With Cochlear Implants in an
      ASL/English Bilingual Classroom
      Maribel G�rate

11. Application of Auditory (Re)habilitation Teaching
      Behaviors to a Signed Communication Education Context
      Jill Duncan

Part IV: Some Final Thoughts

12. Sensory Politics and the Cochlear Implant Debates
      Joseph Michael Valente, Benjamin Bahan, and
      H-Dirksen Bauman

13. Embracing Change: Cochlear Implants and the
      New Deaf Community Paradigm
      Josh Swiller



Raylene Paludneviciene is Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Gallaudet University, Washington, DC.

Irene W. Leigh is Professor Emerita, Psychology, Gallaudet University, Washington, DC.

Print Edition

ISBN 978-1-56368-503-3, 7 x 10 casebound, 302 pages, 4 tables, 1 figure



ISBN 978-1-56368-504-0


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