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American Annals of the Deaf

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Deaf American Prose

Jennifer L. Nelson and
Kristen C. Harmon, Editors

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Gallaudet Deaf Literature, Volume 2


      Christopher Krentz    ix
Acknowledgments xiii
      Jennifer L. Nelson and Kristen C. Harmon     1
John Robertson Burnet  
      The Orphan Mute, 1835   11
      My Sister’s Funeral, 1835   18
James Nack  
      Law Proceedings, 1839   22
      The Last Words of a Bachelor, 1839   24
Laurent Clerc  
      Visits to Some of the Schools for the Deaf and Dumb
      in France and England, 1848
      The Wonderful Coffee-Mill, 1849   33
Isaac H. Benedict  
      Aerial Navigation by a Deaf-Mute, 1855   36
Mary St. Cloud Belches  
      A Family History, 1856   44
Joseph Mount, “Joe the Jersey Mute”  
      Recollections of a Deaf and Dumb Teacher, 1858   48
      A Leaf from a Teacher’s Diary, 1865   51
John Carlin  
      Excerpt from The Scratchsides Family, 1868   55
Howard Glyndon (Laura Redden Searing)  
      The Realm of Singing, c. 1872   60
      The Widow Waring’s Christmas Surprise, 1872   66
William B. Swett  
      Selections from Adventures of a Deaf-Mute in the
      White Mountains, 1874
James Denison  
      Impressions of the Milan Convention, 1881   81
Edwin (Edmund) Booth  
      Booth’s Reminiscences of Gallaudet, 1881   90
Kate M. Farlow  
      Selections from Silent Life and Silent Language,
      or, the Inner Life of a Mute, 1883
      Scene in a Railroad Station, 1893 105
Frieda W. Bauman  
      A Romance of Far Away Cuba, 1900 107
Hypatia Boyd  
      What One Girl Hears and Sees, 1901 112
      What One Girl Hears and Sees (continued), 1901 116
Douglas Tilden  
      Reflections of a Deaf-Mute Philosopher, 1903 122
Helen Keller  
      What I Am Doing, 1905 127
Alice C. Jennings  
      Is It Beneficial to a Deaf Oralist to Learn the Sign
      Language, 1906
Douglas Tilden  
      More Extracts from the “Zeno” Mss: The So-called
      “Tribe of Fools,” 1907
Alice Taylor Terry  
      Bro. Hart’s “Something Greater,” 1908 150
Thomas Flowers  
      Life after Graduation, c. 1908 157
Howard L. Terry  
      A Sophomore’s Revenge, 1896/1910 160
Helen Keller  
      New Vision for the Blind, 1913 164
Margaret Prescott Montague  
      The Little Sign for Friend, 1915 167
      Enchanted Princess, 1916/1934 175
Alice Taylor Terry  
      Sound—Why Not Let It Alone? 1919 188
Vera Gammon  
      The Three Doors to Knowledge, 1919 193
Guie Leo Deliglio  
      The Test of the Heart, 1921 198
      Miss Hester of Sunset Valley, 1921 203
George W. Veditz  
      De Mortuis Nil Nisi Bonum, 1922 211
Howard L. Terry  
      Selections from Mickey’s Harvest: The Checkered Life
      of an Unusual Boy, 1922
James F. Brady  
      Pro and Con, 1923 228
      A Christmas Story, 1923 232
Albert V. Ballin  
      A New York Deaf Artist at Hollywood: Some Experiences
      in Getting a Foothold in the Movie Studios of Hollywood,
James F. Brady  
      By Their Signs Ye Shall Know Them, 1926 242
Albert V. Ballin  
      In an Impromptu Don Quixotic Tilt with a Modern Wind
      Mill, called Automobile, with Dire Results to Himself,
Roger Demosthenes O’Kelly  
      A Fight with a Highwayman, 1927 249
Albert V. Ballin  
      The Life of a Lousy Extra, 1928 253
Howard T. Hofsteater  
      The Wound, 1930 258
      Octavian Robinson 259

Jennifer L. Nelsonis a professor in the Department of English at Gallaudet University.

Kristen C. Harmon is a professor in the Department of English at Gallaudet University.

Print Edition: ISBN 978-1-56368-565-1, 7 x 10 paperback, 279 pages


E-Book: ISBN 978-1-56368-566-8


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