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Deaf American Poetry
An Anthology

John Lee Clark, Editor

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Editor’s Note


John R. Burnet (1808–1874)

James Nack (1809–1879)
     From The Minstrel Boy
     The Music of Beauty

John Carlin (1813–1891)
     The Mute’s Lament

Mary Toles Peet (1836–1901)
     Thoughts on Music
     To a Bride

Laura C. Redden (1840–1923)
     My Story
     Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet

Angeline Fuller Fischer (1841–1925)
     Scenes in the History of the Deaf and Dumb
     To a Deaf-Mute Lady

Alice Cornelia Jennings (b. 1851)
     A Prayer in Signs

George M. Teegarden (1852–1936)
     The “Nad”
     Gallaudet College

J. Schuyler Long (1869–1933)
     I Wish That I Could Tell

Agatha Tiegel Hanson (1873–1959)

James William Sowell (1875–1949)
     The Oralist
     Dear Eyes of Grey

Howard L. Terry (1877–1964)
     From The Old Homestead
     On My Deafness

Alice Jane McVan (1906–1970)
     And No Applause

Earl Sollenberger (c. 1912–1947)
     The Legend of Simon Simplefuss
     Birds Will Sing
     Reply to “Beware Lest People Think—”
     Thoughts in a Pennsylvania Cornfield
     To a Neglected Poet

Felix Kowalewski (1913–1989)
     I Will Take My Dreams
     Heart of Silence
     Quasimodo May Not Dare

Loy E. Golladay (1914–1999)
     On Seeing a Poem Recited in Sign Language
     Silent Homage
     Footnote to Anthropological Linguistics I
     Footnote to Anthropological Linguistics II
     Surely the Phoenix
     Incident at the B.M.T.

Rex Lowman (1918–2001)
     Wingéd Words

Robert F. Panara (1920– )
     On His Deafness
     Lip Service
     Idylls of the Green
     Ars Poetica

Mervin D. Garretson (1923– )
     for Bill Stokoe
     to Doin Hicks
     to an expert
     deaf again

Dorothy Miles (1931–1993)
     The Hang-Glider

Linwood Smith (1943–1982)
     The Dream Song of the Deaf Man

Curtis Robbins (1943– )
     The Rally That Stood the World Still
     Solo Dining While Growing Up
     The Promised World
     Russian Roulette
     Deaf Poet or What?

Clayton Valli (1951–2003)
     A Dandelion

E. Lynn Jacobowitz (1953– )
     In Memoriam: Stephen Michael Ryan

Debbie Rennie (1957– )
     As Sarah

Willy Conley (1958– )
     A Deaf Baptism
     The Miller of Moments
     Salt in the Basement

Peter Cook (1962– )
     Don Quoxitie Didnt Really
     Attack the Windmill

Flying Words Project: Peter Cook and Kenny Lerner (est. 1984)
     Wise Old Corn #1
     Ode to Words

Katrina R. Miller (1965– ) and Damara Goff Paris (1965– )
     How the Audist Stole ASL

Raymond Luczak (1965– )
     The Audiologist
     Spelling Bee 1978
     Learning to Speak, Part I
     The Crucifixion
     Instructions to Hearing Persons Desiring a Deaf Man

Abiola Haroun (1970– )
     Deaf Mind
     The Deaf Negro
     Ode to a Silent World

Christopher Jon Heuer (1970– )
     Bone Bird
     The Hands of My Father
     Visible Scars
     Diving Bell
     Koko Want
     We Can Save the Deaf!

Kristi Merriweather (1971– )
     It Was His Movin’ Hands
     Be Tellin’ Me

Pamela Wright-Meinhardt (1971– )
     Silent Howl
     When They Tell Me . . .

John Lee Clark (1978– )
     Story Actual Happen
     Long Goodbyes
     The Only Way Signing Can Kill Us
     My Understanding One Day of Foxgloves

Kristen Ringman (1979– )
     the ear gods
     Calling Van Gogh

Alison L. Aubrecht (1979– )
     Conditional Wings
     What My Teacher Taught Me
     The Ghost in Yellowed Photographs


John Lee Clark is a poet and writer in Burnsville, MN.

Print Edition: ISBN 978-1-56368-413-5, 6 x 9 paperback, 312 pages


E-Book: ISBN 978-1-56368-455-5


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