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Deaf Epistemologies
Multiple Perspectives on the Acquisition of Knowledge

Peter V. Paul and
Donald F. Moores, Editors

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Part i: Introduction

1    Toward an Understanding of Epistemology and Deafness
      Peter V. Paul and Donald F. Moores

Part ii: Sociological and Anthropological Perspectives

2    Contributing to an Era of Epistemological Equity: A Critique
      and an Alternative to the Practice of Science
      Goedele A. M. De Clerck

3    Juggling Two Worlds
      Michael M. McKee and Peter C. Hauser

4    Diversity and Deaf Identity: Implications for Personal
      Epistemologies in Deaf Education
      Ila Parasnis

5    Valuing Deaf Indigenous Knowledge in Research Through
      Partnership: The Cameroonian Deaf Community and the
      Challenge of �Serious� Scholarship
      Goedele A. M. De Clerck

Part iii: Historical/Psychological and Literary Perspectives

6    Dueling Epistemologies: Between Scylla and Charybdis
      in the Education of Deaf Learners
      Donald F. Moores

7    Paving the Way for Reform in Deaf Education
      Thomas K. Holcomb

8    Deaf Worldviews, Views of the Deaf World, and the Role of
      Deaf Children of Hearing Parents in Creating a Deaf Epistemology
      Margery Miller

9    Stories as Mirrors: Encounters With Deaf Heroes and Heroines
      Donna M. McDonald

Part iv: Educational and Philosophical Perspectives

10  The Qualitative-Similarity Hypothesis
      Peter V. Paul

11  Educators Without Borders: A Metaparadigm for Literacy
      Instruction in Bilingual�Bicultural Education
      Ye Wang

12  Collaborative Knowledge Building for Accessibility in Academia
      Antti Raike

13  Can It Be a Good Thing to Be Deaf?
      Rachel Cooper

Part v: Conclusion

14  Retrospectus and Prospectus
      Donald F. Moores and Peter V. Paul


Peter V. Paul is Professor, School of Teaching and Learning (Integrated Teaching & Learning Section), Ohio State University, Columbus, OH.

Donald F. Moores is Professor, Department of Exceptional Student and Deaf Education, University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL.

Print Edition

ISBN 978-1-56368-525-5, 7 x 10 casebound, 276 pages, figures, table, references, index



ISBN 978-1-56368-526-2


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