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Ethical Considerations in Educating Children Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Kathee Mangan Christensen, Editor

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    Introduction: Rethinking Ethical Decision Making: Why Now?
    Kathee Mangan Christensen

Part One. Parental Decisions

1. Looking at Residential Schools for Deaf Students: Seeing a Viable
    Marybeth Lauderdale

2. See Me Through the Triplicity of My World: Ethical Considerations in
    Language Choices
    Mathew Call

3. Ethical Issues Regarding Cochlear Implantation in Children: An
    International Perspective
    Katrin Neumann

Part Two. Educational Decisions

4. Where Do We Look? What Do We See? A Framework for Ethical
    Decision Making in the Education of Students Who Are Deaf or Hard
    of Hearing
    Kathee Mangan Christensen

5. Educating Students Who Become Hard of Hearing or Deaf in School:
    Insights from Disability Studies 87
    Wendy S. Harbour

6. Ethical Assessment Approaches: A View of What We Have and What
    We Need
    Melissa Herzig and Kary Krumdick

7. Vision Quest: Ethical Leadership in the Education of People Who Are
    James J. DeCaro and Patricia A. Mudgett-DeCaro

Part Three. Interpreting Decisions

8. Perceptions of Effi cacy of Sign Language Interpreters Working in K�
    12 Settings
    Rico Peterson and Christine Monikowski

9. Opening Our Eyes: The Complexity of Competing Visual Demands
    in Interpreted Classrooms
    Melissa B. Smith

    Conclusion: Confounded by Language
    Kathee Mangan Christensen



Kathee Mangan Christensen is Professor Emerita, School of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, San Diego State University, CA.

ISBN 978-1-56368-479-1, 7 x 10 casebound, 232 pages, tables, figures, references, index


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