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Extraordinary from the Ordinary
Personal Experience Narratives in American Sign Language

Kristin Jean Mulrooney

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Sociolinguistics in Deaf Communities, Volume 15


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CHAPTER 1    Narrative Analysis

CHAPTER 2    Theoretical Background

CHAPTER 3    Analyzing Narratives

CHAPTER 4    A Prototypical Narrative

CHAPTER 5    The Structure of Introduction and
                          Background Sections in ASL Narratives

CHAPTER 6    The Structure of Main-Event Sections
                          in ASL Narratives

CHAPTER 7    The Structure of Explication, Reflection, and
                          Conclusion Sections in ASL Narratives

CHAPTER 8    Conclusion




Kristin Jean Mulrooney is an associate professor in the Department of Linguistics and director of the Center for Bilingual Teachingand Learning at Gallaudet University.

Print Edition: ISBN 978-1-56368-416-6, ISSN 1080-5494, 6 x 9 casebound, 184 pages, tables, figures, photographs, references, index


E-Book: ISBN 978-1-56368-438-8


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