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I Fill This Small Space
The Writings of a Deaf Activist

Lawrence Newman
Edited by David Kurs

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�The Ballet of the Hands�

The Odyssey of a Deaf Activist: An Introduction

From the Small Space: A Biography of Lawrence Newman

Part One: On Deaf Education

On the Least Restrictive Environment

Perspectives�The Most Restrictive Environment

Least Restrictive Environment

Current and Future Trends in the Education of the
Hearing Impaired

Is There a Light at the End of the Tunnel?

On Teaching Standards and Certification

Teacher Training

On Bilingual Education

Bilingual Education

The Bilingual and Bicultural Approach

On the Residential School

The Role of the Residential School in the Educational
Well-Being of Deaf Children

On the Future of Deaf Education

Deaf Leadership in Education�Past, Present,
and Future

Inviting Educational Success: A Self-Concept Approach
to Teaching and Learning

Part Two: On Communication and Language

See! See! See! See!

Reaction to See! See! See! See! Article

For Thine Is the Power and the Glory . . .

Of Language, Speech, Speechreading, Manual Communication

On the John Tracy Clinic

Total Communication

Talk at Registry of Interpreters Workshop

The Medium Is the Message

Float Like A Butterfl y, Sting Like A Bee

Part Three: On Parenting Deaf Children

Cherry Blossoms Come to Bloom

Can You Hear It, My Daughter?

Girl with a Whirligig

The Best Gift�The Gift of Yourself

A Talk Before Parents

Panel Talk�Viewpoints of a Deaf Teacher of the Deaf

IPO Resolution

I Was in Your House�To MDG

Dinner Talk at San Diego, California

Talks Before Parent Groups

On Reading Once Again

A Total Communication Family

President�s Remarks, International Association of Parents of the Deaf

A Deaf Child in a Hearing Family

Part Four: A Mixed Bag


Recreation and Entertainment: Yesterday�Today�Tomorrow

Our Public Image

Who Represents Whom

The President�s Corner


Lady with Mandolin

To Bernard Bragg

The Arid Desert

My Four Senses

I Searched

Times Past

I Fill This Small Space

Black and White

Hard of Hearing

To Err Is Human


Part Five: On the Light Side�Humorous
Approaches to Deaf Education and Experience

Reality Is Sometimes Funnier Than Fiction

A Brave New World

On Mini- and Midi-skirts

My Hernia Operation

An Encounter Group

Gestalt Learning

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning

President�s Corner

The Violins

Lawrence Newman, a retired school administrator and President of the National Association of the Deaf from 1986 to 1990, lives in Riverside, CA.

David Kurs is a writer in Los Angeles, CA.

ISBN 1-56368-408-X, 978-1-56368-408-1, 6 x 9 paperback, 232 pages


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