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When I Am Dead: The Writings of George M. Teegarden

Raymond Luczak, Editor

Part Two





On the Lakes

The waves beat roughly �gainst the rocks
            Of Superior�s northern shore,
But long they�ve stood the thundrous shocks
            Of the storm�s relentless roar;
And Thunder Cape looms up amain�
The Sleeping Giant�s guardian fane.

The steamers bearing ores, which mined
            On Minnesota�s shore,
They leave a trail of smoke behind
            A-carrying valued store
For mills to forge in Vulcan bars,
In shapes for Eros or for Mars.

The gulls sweep round our ship, the while�
            Their pinions never tire�
Their actions oft bring forth a smile,
            And their graces we admire.
They soar, they dive and then they float,
Collecting morsels from our boat.

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