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When I Am Dead: The Writings of George M. Teegarden

Raymond Luczak, Editor

Part One



In Pennsylvania



Horned Toads

One day a young lady who lived near Pittsburgh received a small box by mail. When she opened it she found it full of dry dirt and small stones. She did not know what it meant. She examined the box carefully. Then she began to stir up the dirt in the box with her fingers. Soon she discovered several curious-looking creatures among the dirt and stones. At first she was startled, then she looked at them more carefully. They were horned toads. The lady thought them very funny. She caught flies and fed them. As soon as they were fed, the toads would bury themselves in the dirt again. The lady kept the toads several months and showed them to all her friends. They were quite a curiosity. They were sent from California. Horned toads have little hard lumps on their heads and bodies. They seem to be very lazy and do not hop about like common toads. They act a little like lizards.

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