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Sign Language Studies

American Annals of the Deaf

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Gallaudet Classics in Deaf Studies Series
Kristen C. Harmon, Series Editor

Silent Life and Silent Language
The Inner Life of a Mute in an Institution for the Deaf

Kate M. Farlow
Introduction by Kristen C. Harmon

Volume 11

Adventures of a Deaf-Mute and Other Short Pieces

William B. Swett
Introduction by Kristen C. Harmon

Volume 10

Mickey’s Harvest
A Novel of a Deaf Boy’s Checkered Life

Howard L. Terry
Introduction by Kristen C. Harmon, Editor

Volume 9

A Novel

Douglas Bullard
Foreword by Cynthia Pettie

Volume 8

Deaf Heritage
A Narrative History of Deaf America

Jack R. Gannon

Volume 7

When I Am Dead
The Writings of George M. Teegarden

Raymond Luczak, Editor

Volume 6

The Deaf Experience
Classics in Language and Education

Harlan Lane, Editor
Franklin Philip, Translator

Volume 5

Sweet Bells Jangled
Laura Redden Searing
A Deaf Poet Restored

Judy Yaeger Jones and
Jane E. Vallier, Editors

Volume 4

Gaillard in Deaf America
A Portrait of the Deaf Community, 1917

Henri Gaillard
Bob Buchanan, Editor
Translated by William Sayers

Volume 3

A Mighty Change
An Anthology of Deaf American Writing, 1816 – 1864

Christopher Krentz, Editor

Volume 2

The Deaf Mute Howls

Albert Ballin
Introduction by Douglas C. Baynton

Volume 1