Gallaudet University Press

Journal of Sociolinguistics
Winter 2022 | 26:1

Dialogue Issue on the Sociolinguistics of Sign Languages

Emergence and evolutions: Introducing sign language sociolinguistics
Annelies Kusters and Ceil Lucas

Geographies and circulations: Sign language contact at the peripheries
Robert Adam and Ben Braithwaite

Hierarchies and Constellations: Language Attitudes and Ideologies of Signed Languages
Joseph C. Hill and Eyasu Hailu Tamene

Natural and elicited: Sign language corpus linguistics and linguistic ethnography as complementary methodologies
Gabrielle Hodge and Sara A. Goico

Classifications and typologies: Labeling sign languages and signing communities
Lynn Hou and Connie de Vos

Lumping and splitting: Sign language delineation and ideologies of linguistic differentiation
Nick Palfreyman and Adam Schembri


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