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The Art of Being Deaf
A Memoir

Donna McDonald

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From Library Journal

There seems to be an image of what deafness is amongst those who are not; McDonald (disability studies, Griffith Univ., Queensland, Australia) asks the reader, �What does it mean to be deaf?� Born in 1950s Australia, she was the only deaf child in a family of five. Placed in an oral-deaf school at age three, she was trained to communicate only in spoken English. After being mainstreamed at age eight, she excelled in speechreading, determination, and hard work. Oralism has its share of controversy; to the Deaf community, it is a denying of self, a demand to adapt to the hearing world or else. When a psychologist asked the author if her hearing loss had a big impact on her, McDonald resented the question but used it as a jumping-off point to reexamine her life, and where her deafness fit into her perception of it. Her personal recollections are fascinating and often stunningly vivid in visual imagery. VERDICT Will appeal to those interested in Deaf culture and disability awareness in general, as well as biography enthusiasts.

Donna McDonald is a senior lecturer and convener in the Disability Studies Program in the School of Human Services and Social Work at Griffith University in Meadowbrook, Queensland, Australia.

Print Edition: ISBN 978-1-56368-597-2, 5� x 8� paperback, 208 pages


E-Book: ISBN 978-1-56368-598-9


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