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Baby�s First Signs

Kim Votry and
Curt Waller

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From Silent News

Vibrantly illustrated in bright colors, with sign illustrations, each page illuminates clearly one word, with its ASL equivalent. More and more, much has been written on a child�s beginning perception of language through gesture. Words such as milk, eat, birds, bath (I love that pink bathtub!), moon, book, continue in the second book with sleep, wind, done, baby. Illustrator Waller brings humor, exactness, appeal to each word. Teaching parents and educators how to use American Sign Language with hearing children, as author Kim Votry does, is evident here in each page�s imagery of language learning in its earlier conceptual form. The pictorial renditions of a toddler discovering expression through several mediums at once -- the sign, the word, the situation depicted -- is both charming and inventive, a visual alerting to how initial learning can occur.

-- Hannah Merker

Kim Votry teaches parents and educators how to use American Sign Language with hearing children in Edmonds, WA.

Curt Waller does freelance painting and digital illustration in Seattle, WA.

ISBN 978-1-56368-114-1, 6� x 6� board book, 16 pages, color illustrations, sign illustrations


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