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Cochlear Implants
Evolving Perspectives

Raylene Paludneviciene
and Irene W. Leigh, Editors

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The fervor of the debate within the Deaf community on cochlear implants seems to have abated over the decades, and social scientists here report on recent insights and trends. In sections on the Deaf community and cochlear implants, language and auditory processing, educational approaches, and final thoughts, they consider such aspects as reflection of Deaf mothers on cochlear implants for their children, listening strategies to facilitate spoken language learning among signing children with cochlear implants, applying auditory rehabilitation teaching behaviors to a signed communication education context, and sensory politics and the cochlear implant debates.

Raylene Paludneviciene is Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Gallaudet University, Washington, DC.

Irene W. Leigh is Professor Emerita, Psychology, Gallaudet University, Washington, DC.

Print Edition

ISBN 978-1-56368-503-3, 7 x 10 casebound, 302 pages, 4 tables, 1 figure



ISBN 978-1-56368-504-0


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