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Handy Stories to Read and Sign

Donna Jo Napoli
and Doreen DeLuca
Illustrated by Maureen Klusza

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From SIGNews

Handy Stories to Read and Sign is definitely something you can read to children. The youngsters would love this book! Donna Jo Napoli and Doreen DeLuca wrote this book. Maureen Klusza drew the illustrations.

There are five stories in this book. They are School Signs, Haunted House, Thanksgiving Soon, Winter Solstice, and Class Pet. School Signs is about kids riding to school and doing things at school. It describes four parts of American Sign Language (ASL). They are handshape, location, movement and orientation. Haunted House is about a girl’s adventure in a haunted house using rhythm in the story. It is similar to ABC stories. Thanksgiving Soon is about a boy who is looking forward to Thanksgiving due to the hints of fall season. This story introduces lexical issues. The signs show how chickens eat, how cows eat and how farmers eat. They all eat differently. So, the illustration shows how they eat. Winter Solstice is a story of a girl telling the readers about a snowy day. This story shows repetition. Class Pet is about students going to a pet store to be able to get a pet for their class. It uses both English and ASL. The illustration shows ASL while the English words are under the illustration. The words describe what the illustration signs. This story is really cool. Its activity allows students to act out the story.

I really like this story. It applies the bilingual procedure for ASL and English. The book can be used in classroom, at home or for someone who is interested in learning ASL. The authors did a good job with the book. The illustrator did a great job drawing the pictures matching the words.

It is [a] good opportunity for beginning readers. My five- and six-year-old boys love this book. It is easy for them to see both ASL being illustrated and English being printed in this book. They got the opportunity to receive both languages from one book. My mother has 30+ years of experience in [the] education field and said that this book is great.

I would recommend this book to anyone who uses sign language. To those who know sign language and want to read this book to a child who can read, that I would recommend. Kudos to Napoli, DeLuca, and Klusza. You all did a fantastic job!

Donna Jo Napoli is Professor of Linguistics at Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA.

Doreen DeLuca is an RID Certified Interpreter who works in the Philadelphia, PA, and Washington, DC, areas.

ISBN 978-1-56368-407-4, 7 x 9 paperback, 56 pages, color illustrations, sign illustrations


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