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Special Education in the 21st Century
Issues of Inclusion and Reform

Margret A. Winzer and
Kas Mazurek, Editors

Read chapter eleven.
Read reviews: CHOICE, Disabilities Studies Quarterly.


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The field of special education is so diverse and complex that it overflows with unresolved issues. Although most individuals agree that special education is an aspect of education needed in today's society, they are unclear about how it should be defined or delivered. This has led to a number of books and articles examining various issues and raising questions to explore the outer limits of the field. Special Education in the 21st Century is the latest offering for those who wish to delve into the plethora of topics available. Beautifully written, this volume focuses on a variety of topics using the concept of inclusion as a central focal point. Presented in three major sections �Supporting Educational Reform,� and �Including Special Populations�), the text offers a variety of viewpoints concerning the topics, trends, and debates that encase special education today. Each section opens with a brief preface that serves as an overall guide to the topic and various chapters presented. Although it contains no major surprises, the volume is to be commended because it is readable, thought-provoking, and offers material appropriate for those interested in the future of special education. Recommended for upper-division undergraduates and above.

-- R. Ludy, Buena Vista University

Margret A. Winzer is Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

Kas Mazurek is Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

ISBN 1-56368-100-5, 7 x 10 casebound, 272 pages, tables, references, index


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