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Video Relay Service Interpreters
Intricacies of Sign Language Access

Jeremy L. Brunson

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March 2011

Table of contents
  $35.00 (s) paperback, ebook

Studies in Interpretation, Volume 8

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A nationally certified sign language interpreter, Brunson explores the ongoing issue of the professionalization of sign language interpretation, using the emerging medium of video relay service as a case study. He ponders what it means to be a professional, the appropriate relationship between professionals and consumers, and how that relationship is impacted by the growing integration of electronic technology into daily life. Among his topics are the architecture of access, textualizing the on-call and off-call interpreter, and connecting the dots and pointing in new directions.

Jeremy L. Brunson is an applied sociologist and independent consultant. He is also an American Sign Language–English interpreter specializing in legal interpreting.

ISBN 978-1-944838-70-6, ISSN 1545-7613
216 pages. 6 x 9. 6 figures.
$35.00 (s)

ISBN 978-1-56368-484-5