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Signed Language Interpreting Pedagogy
Insights and Innovations from the Conference of Interpreter Trainers

Laurie Swabey and
Rachel E. Herring, Editors

September 2022

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  $105.00 (s) hardcover, ebook

Interpreter Education, Volume 13

For over forty years, the Conference of Interpreter Trainers has provided opportunities for advancing teaching and learning in interpreter education. This volume highlights fifteen seminal papers from past conference proceedings, along with newly written responses to the selected papers. Many of the new contributions are co-written by the author of the original paper and one or more emerging scholars, giving readers a historical lens on how the field of signed language interpreting pedagogy has evolved. The volume also calls attention to issues with which the field must urgently contend, such as implementing a Deaf-centric approach, multicultural interpreting curricula, the recruitment and retention of African American/Black students, and social justice.

       The contributors explore other important topics in interpreter education including ethics, Deaf translation, performance evaluation, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, discourse analysis, critical thinking, curriculum sequencing, the social construction of learning, and mentoring. Through this collaborative approach featuring more than thirty scholars, Signed Language Interpreting Pedagogy presents a wealth of theoretical and practical information for interpreter educators and their students.

Laurie Swabey is Professor of Interpreting at St. Catherine University and Director of the CATIE Center, where she has been the principal investigator on several federally funded projects related to interpreter education. Her research interests include interpreting pedagogy and healthcare interpreting.

Rachel E. Herring is Director of the Translation and Interpreting Program at Century College as well as a per diem staff interpreter at Children’s Minnesota. She also serves as a trainer in continuing education courses on interpreter training and T&I research methods at the University of Geneva. Her academic work centers on cognitive processes, skill acquisition, and expertise in dialogue interpreting.

ISBN 978-1-954622-07-4
480 pages. 7 x 10. 21 tables, 15 figures.
$105.00 (s)

ISBN 978-1-954622-08-1