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The Role of the Educational Interpreter
Perceptions of Administrators and Teachers

Stephen B. Fitzmaurice

November 2021

Table of contents
  $60.00 (s) hardcover, ebook

Interpreter Education, Volume 11

While educational interpreting has been studied for decades, the research has historically focused on the tasks educational interpreters are engaged in during their work day. In The Role of the Educational Interpreter, Stephen B. Fitzmaurice takes a new approach using role theory to examine how administrators and teachers perceive the role and work of educational (K–12) interpreters.

       Through a series of qualitative interviews and quantitative questionnaires with district administrators, school administrators, general education teachers, and teachers of the deaf, Fitzmaurice documents their perceptions of educational interpreters. Findings from the data reveal the perceptions of administrators and teachers set the stage for role ambiguity, role conflicts, and subsequent role overload for educational interpreters. Fitzmaurice elaborates on the implications of the research, and also provides concrete recommendations for researchers and practitioners, including an emphasis on the importance of involving the Deaf community in this work. This volume aims to offer clarity on the role of the educational interpreter, and dispel the confusion and conflicts created by divergent perspectives. A shared understanding of the role of the educational interpreter will allow administrators, teachers, and interpreters to work collaboratively to improve educational outcomes for deaf students.

Stephen B. Fitzmaurice is Associate Professor of Interpreting: American Sign Language (ASL) and lead faculty for the ASL-English Educational Interpreting program at Clemson University. He is also the director of the South Carolina Educational Interpreting Center and has worked as a professional ASL-English interpreter for over twenty-five years.

ISBN 978-1-944838-93-5
160 pages. 6 x 9. 12 figures, 2 tables.
$60.00 (s)

ISBN 978-1-944838-94-2