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Sign Language Studies

American Annals of the Deaf

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Translation and Interpreting Studies

The Academic Foundations of Interpreting Studies
An Introduction to Its Theories

Cynthia B. Roy, Jeremy L. Brunson,
and Christopher A. Stone

Advances in Educational Interpreting

Elizabeth A. Winston and
Stephen B. Fitzmaurice, Editors

Advances in Teaching Sign Language Interpreters

Cynthia B. Roy, Editor
Foreword by Franz Pöchhacker

Interpreter Education, Volume 2

Attitudes, Innuendo, and Regulators
Challenges of Interpretation

Melanie Metzger and
Earl Fleetwood, Editors

Studies in Interpretation, Volume 2

Beyond Equivalence
Reconceptualizing Interpreting Performance Assessment

Elizabeth A. Winston, Robert G. Lee, Christine Monikowski,
Rico Peterson, and Laurie Swabey

Currents, Volume 1

Conversations with Interpreter Educators
Exploring Best Practices

Christine Monikowski

Interpreter Education, Volume 9

Deaf Eyes on Interpreting

Thomas K. Holcomb and
David H. Smith, Editors

Deaf Interpreters at Work
International Insights

Robert Adam, Christopher Stone, Steven D.
Collins, and Melanie Metzger, Editors

Studies in Interpretation, Volume 11

Deaf Professionals and Designated Interpreters
A New Paradigm

Peter C. Hauser, Karen L. Finch,
and Angela B. Hauser, Editors

Educational Interpreting
How It Can Succeed

Elizabeth A. Winston, Editor

Evolving Paradigms in Interpreter Education

Elizabeth A. Winston and
Christine Monikowski, Editors

Interpreter Education, Volume 7

Here or There
Research on Interpreting via Video Link

Jemina Napier, Robert Skinner,
and Sabine Braun, Editors

Studies in Interpretation, Volume 16

In Our Hands
Educating Healthcare Interpreters

Laurie Swabey and
Karen Malcolm, Editors

Interpreter Education, Volume 5

Innovative Practices for Teaching Sign Language Interpreters

Cynthia B. Roy, Editor

Interpreter Education, Volume 1

International Perspectives on Sign Language Interpreter Education

Jemina Napier, Editor

Interpreter Education, Volume 4

International Sign
Linguistic, Usage, and Status Issues

Rachel Rosenstock and
Jemina Napier, Editors

Sociolinguistics in Deaf Communities, Volume 21

Interpreter Education in the Digital Age
Innovation, Access, and Change

Suzanne Ehrlich and
Jemina Napier, Editors

Interpreter Education, Volume 8

Interpreting in Legal Settings

Debra Russell and
Sandra Hale, Editors

Studies in Interpretation, Volume 4

Interpreting in Multilingual, Multicultural Contexts

Rachel Locker McKee and
Jeffrey E. Davis, Editors

Studies in Interpretation, Volume 7

Interpreting in the Zone
How the Conscious and Unconscious Function in Interpretation

Jack Hoza

Investigations in Healthcare Interpreting

Brenda Nicodemus and
Melanie Metzger, Editors

Studies in Interpretation, Volume 12

Legal Interpreting
Teaching, Research, and Practice

Jeremy L. Brunson, Editor

Interpreter Education, Volume 12

Linguistic Coping Strategies in Sign Language Interpreting

Jemina Napier

Studies in Interpretation, Volume 14

More Than Meets the Eye
Revealing the Complexities of an Interpreted Education

Melissa B. Smith

Studies in Interpretation, Volume 10

New Approaches to Interpreter Education

Cynthia B. Roy, Editor

Interpreter Education, Volume 3

The Next Generation of Research in Interpreter Education
Pursuing Evidence-Based Practices

Cynthia B. Roy and
Elizabeth A. Winston, Editors

Interpreter Education, Volume 10

Professional Autonomy in Video Relay Service Interpreting

Erica Alley

Studies in Interpretation, Volume 17

Prosodic Markers and Utterance Boundaries in American Sign

Brenda Nicodemus

Studies in Interpretation, Volume 5

The Role of the Educational Interpreter
Perceptions of Administrators and Teachers

Stephen B. Fitzmaurice

Volume 11

Service Learning in Interpreter Education
Strategies for Extending Student Involvement in the Deaf Community

Sherry Shaw

Interpreter Education, Volume 6

Sign Language Interpreting
Deconstructing the Myth of Neutrality

Melanie Metzger

Signed Language Interpretation and Translation Research
Selected Papers from the First International Symposium

Brenda Nicodemus and
Keith Cagle, Editors

Studies in Interpretation, Volume 13

Signed Language Interpreting in Brazil

Ronice Müller de Quadros, Earl Fleetwood,
and Melanie Metzger, Editors

Studies in Interpretation, Volume 9

Signed Language Interpreting in the 21st Century
An Overview of the Profession

Len Roberson and
Sherry Shaw, Editors

Signed Language Interpreting in the Workplace

Jules Dickinson

Studies in Interpretation, Volume 15

Signed Language Interpreting Pedagogy
Insights and Innovations from the Conference of Interpreter Trainers

Laurie Swabey and
Rachel E. Herring, Editors

Interpreter Education, Volume 13

Toward a Deaf Translation Norm

Christopher Stone

Studies in Interpretation, Volume 6

Translation, Sociolinguistic, and Consumer Issues in Interpreting

Bryan K. Eldredge

Video Relay Service Interpreters
Intricacies of Sign Language Access

Jeremy L. Brunson

Studies in Interpretation, Volume 8