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  Top of cover is photo of people marching down the street during a CBS protest in Rochester, NY. Below the photo is the title and subtitle: Turn on the Words! Deaf Audiences, Captions, and the Long Struggle for Access. Below the title is a photo of students sitting in rows in a classroom with their backs to the camera. They are watching a captioned film on a projector screen. Superimposed on the classroom image is the author’s name: Harry G. Lang


    Title-Above the Birch Line: Poems, Pia Taavila-Borsheim


    Title: Advances in Educational Interpreting; Elizabeth A. Winston and Stephen B. Fitzmaurice, Editors


  Title: The Role of the Educational Interpreter: Perceptions of Administrators and Teachers, Stephen B. Fitzmaurice


Interpreter Education, Volume 11

    Title: A Key to the World, Victor Abbou


    Title: Guidelines for Multilingual Deaf Education Teacher Preparation Programs, Christopher Kurz, Debbie Golos, Marlon Kuntze, Jonathan Henner, and Jessica Scott


New Series
Multilingual Deaf Education: Teacher Training, Research, and Pedagogy, Volume 1



  Book cover featuring artwork by William Blake. On right side of cover is half of a partially-nude, muscular, white-presenting angel with curly golden hair. He is looking up to the heavens with one arm stretched upwards, palm open. In the background is a grey cloud and an ochre-hued burst of light. White text overlaying the image reads: once upon a twin, poems, raymond luczak   Cover features the image of a blue human form, standing, with blue birds emerging and flying up and away from the body, against a black background. White text reads: Deaf People in the Criminal Justice System, Selected Topics on Advocacy, Incarceration, and Social Justice. Edited by Debra Guthmann, Gabriel I. Lomas, Damara Goff Paris, and Gabriel A. 'Tony' Martin.  


  Title: The Gallaudet Dictionary of American Sign Language, Clayton Valli, Editor in Chief   Title: The American Sign Language Handshape Dictionary, 2nd Edition; Richard A. Tennant and Marianne Gluszak Brown; Illustrated by Valerie Nelson-Metlay  


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  Text: The Hidden Treasure of Black ASL: Its History and Structure, Carolyn McCaskill, Ceil Lucas, Robert Bayley, and Joseph Hill, In collaboration with Roxanne Dummett, Pamela Baldwin, and Randall Hogue. At bottom of cover is B&W image of a classroom filled with students and a teacher at the Virginia state school for the colored deaf and blind. Students are seated behind desks arranged in a U shape; some are engaged in dialogue with the teacher, and others are focused on schoolwork.

View the supplemental video content online

View the supplemental video content online.

    Front cover of SOUNDS LIKE HOME. The background is solid sky blue, except for the 1/5 of the cover, which is a sea foam green texture, reminiscent of the North Carolina coastal plains. In the middle the title SOUNDS LIKE HOME is hand lettered in a deeper periwinkle blue, and there is a hand painted magnolia behind the title. Above the title the text reads 20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION in black, and below the title is the subtitle in black: Growing Up Black and Deaf in the South. The authors name, MARY HERRING WRIGHT, is below. The white text within the bottom coastal plain green reads: With a new introduction by Joseph Hill and Carolyn McCaskill

Carolyn McCaskill interviews Mary Herring Wright for the Black ASL Project

Carolyn McCaskill interviews Mary Herring Wright for the Black ASL Project.

    Front cover of FAR FROM HOME. The text on top reads: Far from Home. Below title is a background image of the author as a young adult and the subtitle in black to the left of her image reads: Memories of World War II and Afterward. The bottom half of the background is a vintage photo of Washington, DC on Pennsylvania Avenue facing towards the US Capitol. On the bottom of the cover is the authors name: Mary Herring Wright, and below her name is black text that reads: Author of Sounds Like Home.  

Front cover of book. Title at the top reads: Paris in America in black script font. The subtitle in a smaller serif font reads: A Deaf Nanticoke Shoemaker and His Daughter. At the bottom of cover the author’s name Clara Jean Mosley Hall is in same black script font as title. Underneath author name is co-writer name (in smaller serif font): with Gayle Williamson. The center image is color photo portrait of the author and her father. She is a black woman with long hair wearing a purple silk shirt with a printed scarf. Her father is a black man in a dark suit with glasses. He is standing with his hand on her shoulder; she is seated. The background of cover is a light blue and textured.

View the author’s book trailer in ASL.

Clara Jean Mosley Hall discusses her new memoir.

    Text: On the Beat of Truth: A Hearing Daughter's Stories of Her Black Deaf Parents, Maxine Childress Brown. Image of an African American woman and man. The woman is wearing a dressy top with a necklace and the man is wearing a jacket and bow tie. There is a smaller image below of a young African American girl with pigtails, wearing a dress, sitting with her arms crossed in front of her. The background color is cream, and the title text is dark red.     Front cover of BLACK DEAF STUDENTS Text: Black Deaf Students: A Model for Educational Success, Carolyn E. Williamson  

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