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At Gallaudet University Press, we believe that sharing knowledge by and about deaf and hard of hearing people not only increases awareness and recognition of deaf communities and signed languages, but also contributes to a deeper understanding of humanity and the world in which we live.

As the only nonprofit academic press dedicated to this mission, we seek the support of generous donors like you so that we may continue to publish groundbreaking scholarship and cultural works that enrich the communities we serve and enlighten new audiences.

Why Donate to Gallaudet University Press?

Our books make important contributions, but many cannot recover their costs through sales alone. Your donation will make a significant impact on our ability to fund projects that:

  • Document deaf lives and deaf communities, representing important cultural significance;
  • Inform and advance cutting-edge scholarship in nascent, specialized fields; and
  • Include signed language video content, which is a vital component of serving our audience and advancing our mission.

How to Donate

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Other Ways to Support Gallaudet University Press

We understand that not everyone can make a financial donation. Below are some other ways you can support our work:

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