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Two textbooks sit flat on a desk, spines out, with a stack of papers on top. The papers mostly cover the spine of the top book. The spine of the bottom book is blue with white text that reads Linguistics of American Sign Language Fifth Edition.

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Through Deaf Eyes documentary and online exhibit

Visit the Gallaudet University National Deaf Life Museum’s online exhibition, History Through Deaf Eyes, which includes access to the documentary, Through Deaf Eyes, along with archival photographs and a discussion guide.


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Visit our channel to discover signed chapter summaries, book trailers, and video content that supplements course books. Perfect for supporting ASL learning and use.


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American Annals of the Deaf
Sign Language Studies

Most read articles

Filmmaking in a Linguistic Ethnography of Deaf Tourist Encounters

Origins of the American Deaf-World: Assimilating and Differentiating Societies and Their Relation to Genetic Patterning

Do Deaf People Have a Disability?

Deaf Epistemology: Deafhood and Deafness

Communication and Language in Learners Who Are Deaf and Hard of Hearing With Disabilities:Theories, Research, and Practice


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