Purchasing ebooks on our site

We offer ownership and rental licenses for ebooks purchased through our shopping cart. Ownership allows you to access the ebook file indefinitely. The rental period is 90 days for half the list price of the book.

Many of our ebooks are available in both EPUB and PDF formats, which can be read on a variety of devices. PDFs have a fixed format that maintains the same structure as a printed page, and they must be read using Adobe Digital Editions. EPubs have a flowable format that fits each device's screen and are preferred for accessibility purposes. They can be read using either Adobe Digital Editions or Biblioviewer.

Adobe Digital Editions is free software available for PC, Mac, and other e-reader platforms such as Nook and Kobo. Once you've completed your purchase, you will receive an order confirmation and a link to download your ebook, as well as a link for a free download of Adobe Digital Editions software. You'll need to create an Adobe ID before accessing the content, and downloaded ebooks can only be accessed by a single user ID. However, up to six unique devices can be registered per ID, allowing you to backup, copy, or transfer digital content between devices.

Biblioviewer allows the epub to be read online using your browser. For Apple devices, you can use third-party apps like the Bluefire reader for iPad.

Please note that ebooks purchased on our site are not compatible with Amazon Kindle devices.

Purchasing ebooks from retailers

Our titles are available at the following ebook retail platforms:

Amazon Kindle
Apple iBooks
Barnes & Noble Nook

Ebooks available from your library

Ebooks are available to academic libraries via these platforms:

Gardners UK
Project MUSE

Public libraries can purchase our ebooks using OverDrive.

If your library does not offer the ebook that you’re looking for, you may suggest that they consider purchasing it.